Plaid shirts, cardigans and winter coats.

Vintage Shirt 25,00 €

Vintage Shirt 25,00 €

Vintage Cardigan 25,00 €

Vintage Cardigan 30,00 €

Vintage Jacket 40,00 €

Vintage Coat 55,00 €

Back to basics, over the top. Whichever way you prefer. Yeah, that’s a pretty crazy ass suede leather jacket with leopard details there….

DON’T MIX THE COLORS:Oh Mickey, you’re so fine. You’re so fine, you blow my mind …

Photos © Christopher Ferguson, Stonefox Magazine via Fashion Gone Rogue.


I’m Indian Summer’s visualist Susu and I’m going to be blogging on these pages about things that inspire me in fashion and clothing.
The pictures above are the first bite. I love the nonchalant seventies feel about them, especially the first picture tickles my fancy.


Friday I’m in love

Vintage Leather Jacket 50,00 €

Vintage Top 20,00 €

Vintage Knitwear 30,00 €

Vintage Knitwear 30,00 €

Cute and comfortable knitwear, a gorgeous leather jacket and something shiny for the weekend.