HOW TO WEAR: Denim Shirt

Yeah yeah yeah, everybody’s got one. But hey, button it all the way up, combine it with, say, a silk jacket or college sweater and see for yourself. It. Just. Works.

30.11.2011 |

Plaid shirts, cardigans and winter coats.

Vintage Shirt 25,00 €

Vintage Shirt 25,00 €

Vintage Cardigan 25,00 €

Vintage Cardigan 30,00 €

Vintage Jacket 40,00 €

Vintage Coat 55,00 €

Back to basics, over the top. Whichever way you prefer. Yeah, that’s a pretty crazy ass suede leather jacket with leopard details there….

29.11.2011 |

Friday I’m in love

Vintage Leather Jacket 50,00 €

Vintage Top 20,00 €

Vintage Knitwear 30,00 €

Vintage Knitwear 30,00 €

Cute and comfortable knitwear, a gorgeous leather jacket and something shiny for the weekend.

25.11.2011 |