Q. Do you ship to my country?
A. Our webstores defaults only cover EU shipping but that doesn’t necessarily mean that we don’t ship to your country. We most definitely ship to Canada & US, Australia, Japan and pretty much all over the world. If you live outside EU and really really want to order some items just order them as usual, select Shipping Outside EU and we’ll return with the actual shipping costs to your country. You can then decide yourself if it’s worth it. (It is, we promise.)

Q. How much is the shipping?
POSTAGE to Finland 6,00 €
POSTAGE to EU w/ orders total weight < 0,5kg 7,00 € POSTAGE to EU w/ orders total weight < 1kg   17,00 € POSTAGE to EU w/ orders total weight < 2kg   25,00 € POSTAGE to EU w/ orders total weight > 2kg please contact our customer service
POSTAGE rest of the world please contact our customer service

Q. I want to pay with X, can I do that?
A. At the moment we accept deposit payments via IBAN bank transfers, PayPal and most credit cards via PayPal. Most of the banks allow you to use many different payment methods for the IBAN bank transfer but that depends on your bank. When paying upon delivery you can also pay with cash, Visa, Visa Electron. American Express and Master Card. If you live outside EU please choose Deposit as the method of payment, we will then return with the exact shipping costs and payment methods available.

Q. So vintage items, huh? What does it mean?
A. Our vintage selection is pre-owned, second hand or preloved, whatever those crazy kids call it nowadays. Strictly speaking vintage would refer to something that’s over 50 years old but we use it loosely. We select our items to suit certain styles so we feel confident to call the items vintage, even if they were made in the 90’s. Most of the vintage items will show some wear and tear and signs of use, that is the nature of the beast. We wash the washables and steam clean silk and other delicate materials and try to keep the quality as high as possible. If there are notable holes in the items we try to mention it in the item description. Sometimes we still make mistakes so you could find that your item has a stain, button missing or a hole somewhere where there shouldn’t be a hole. You can then ask yourself – can I live with this travesty? If the answer is no, just return the item.

Q. Some webstores offer free or very low cost international shipping, why don’t you do that?
A. Finnish Posti is notoriously expensive and since Finland is located at the arse end of everything there’s not that much competition from international delivery companies to lower the costs. We really wish things were different but alas, here we are. Sorry about that.

Q. Can I make a suggestions regarding your selection?
A. Yes, please do! Just contact our customer service and let us know what we should add to our selection and we do our best to source it.

Q. There seems to be something terribly wrong with your webstore/I’m not able to make an order/your webstore doesn’t work with my browser?
A. What do you want from us you ingrate?!??! No, seriously, we’re sorry. Just contact us and let us know what went wrong.

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